Kickstarter of the week: Heifer Heist

It’s great fun to¬†scour Kickstarter’s tabletop game category, and this week’s selection has aliens abducting cows faster than a befuddled farmer can stop them. What’s not to love?

Heifer Heist is the brainchild of designer Katie Khau and writer Jess Chu. It’s for 2-4 players aged 10 and up, and takes anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes to play. You play as space aliens who need biological material to fuel their crashed starship. The’ve landed in a cow field, so there’s plenty of “material” around. You must¬†abduct cows while avoiding hazards like silos, farm equipment and, of course, the angry farmer.

The aliens benefit from crop circles (of course), which provide various advantages in the form of cards. On the farmer’s turn, he moves to a random tile to disrupt the aliens’ plans. Once 10 cows have been abducted, the game ends.

I love a good family game, and Heifer Heist seems to fit the bill. The components are good-looking, too. The project has raised a little over $8,000 towards its goal of $35,oo0 with five days to go as of this writing. It doesn’t look good, so go and help the aliens escape earth!

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