RPG Diaries: Cultists, Nazis and a pan flute

Last week’s game of Achtung! Cthulhu left us with a cliffhanger. As the gang and I quietly hid, the Nazis we anonymously tricked into entering the cultist’s underground cavern mid-ritual were stampeding down the earthen corridor. This week, all you-know-what broke.

From our hiding point above the sacred chamber, we could see several cultists walking in a spiral pattern: the same pattern we had seen in an ancient book of magic. As the hooded figures marched, a naked man was hauled into the room on a sled. He had the same symbol painted on his chest.

Then the piping started.

The last time we heard this horrible piping music, we all took one point of damage. The sound swelled and we began to feel pressure in our heads. Just then, six or seven Nazis entered the chamber from an adjoining corridor. They froze in their tracks and drew their weapons, firing another cavern that was directly underneath our position. At first we couldn’t see what the terrified soldiers were firing at, but soon enough several horribly misshapen satyrs emerged, fell upon the Nazis and tore them limb from limb.

satyrAt this, the terrified cultists cowered in one corner, averting their eyes. The piping grew louder still and we all took damage and I even lost a couple sanity points for having witnessed the scene. We decided to get out of there and ran back towards the tunnel’s entrance. However, we did not leave.

Jack, our Aussie, wanted to observe the carnage. So, we waited for the noise to die down and then slowly crept back into the chamber. It was a bloody mess, but no bodies remained. In fact, other than the blood on the floor, there was no evidence that anyone had been there. The weapons were gone, the sled was gone, everything. Weird.

Back at the hotel, Jack finally made some progress on interpreting that book. We learned that the swirling symbol is used to call the god. We also learned a ritual that will allow us to put the mark on a person and make him or her “attractive” to the god. Finally, the book hinted at a way to repel the god. There is more studying to do.

The next night it was time to receive a shipment from our plane. The four of us made it out to the clearing and lit the signal flares. The plane arrived on schedule and soon enough we sat two chutes: one was our crate of weapons and meds, while the other was a soldier sent to collaborate with us. As they descended a shockwave knocked us backwards: the plane exploded and was going down.

The solder and the create went off on opposite directions: the solder to the east and the crate to the west. We split up in groups of two. The first group found the soldier, and he was in bad shape. His legs were broken and he was barely conscious. Otto, our big Austrian, lifted him into a fireman’s carry and they left to take him to Isabella’s house where they could care for him. On the way, Isabella made a very poor sneak roll and stepped onto a bear trap. It closed hard on her leg, and Otto had to put the soldier down to help her remove it. Fortunately the shin wasn’t broken, but our GM said Isabella will be hobbled for a long time.

While they struggled to free her, the soldier died.

dice shamingMeanwhile, Nathan and I were running towards the crate. We finally reached it, only to discover someone was already there. It was Jean, the teenager who gets us black market items. I had to convince him to let us have the crate’s contents without blowing our cover. He insisted on keeping it. I didn’t want to draw a weapon on him, or reveal myself as a British soldier, so I told him there’d be plenty of business from us in the future if he helped us carry the contents out of there. He agreed.

Just as we were grabbing all the rifles, grenades and weapons we could carry, three cars full of German soldiers arrived. Jean took off and we ran after him, figuring he knew the area better than we did. We hid in a ditch an a series of very successful spot hidden rolls kept the Nazis from seeing us. They eventually moved on. Just as they did, Jean stole an extra grenade from Nathan and took off. I considered shooting him, but let him go. I’ll deal with him later.

Finally, Nathan and I decided to deliver the meds to the house with our sick informant. Here my dice betrayed me and I failed roll after roll after roll, and we found the road between us and the house teeming with Nazi patrols. I was not able to deliver the meds.

Next week we’ll pick up from there. I intend to have strong words with Jean. Stay tuned.

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