Grab bag for Sept. 12

Happy weekend! Here’s this week’s grab bag.

– The Spielbound Board Game Cafe has opened in Omaha.  “We want everyone to feel welcome,” said owner Kaleb Michaud. The Spielbound Board Game Cafe was funded, in part, by a Kickstarter campaign.

– Cooperative board games are becoming popular in Japanese classrooms. “Students said that they enjoyed the game, with one student saying, ‘When I rolled the die and got an unfavorable number of spots, team members encouraged me, saying ‘Don’t worry!’ I was glad to hear that.’ When Iwase asked them what they should do to strengthen their teamwork, one student answered, ‘Even if someone makes a mistake, the person should not be blamed.'”

– Here’s a fun game: scare the pants off of strangers by dressing your dog up as a giant spider.

– “What Shall I Be: The Exciting Game of Career Girls” is one of the more offensive games I’ve ever seen. You can choose from teacher, airline hostess, actress, nurse, model, or ballet dancer. That’s it.

– Win a chance to play video games with Will Farrell. Yes, board games would be cooler. But come on. Will Ferrell!

- You can buy a deck of Triad cards just like the ones Starbuck played with on Battlestar Galactica.


Knight Moves board game cafe opens in Boston.

DIY Carccassonne tile storage bag. Well done.

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