Tabletop accessory: Hex Borders

Settlers of Catan is one of those “gateway games.” Meaning that it’s a title you can introduce to those friends who are ready to graduate from Life and Clue, but not quite prepared for a marathon session of Agricola. The main problem with Settlers is that it has many pieces, including a board that doesn’t fit securely together. If one person accidently bumps the table, the whole thing becomes a cluttered mess.

Thank goodness for Hex Borders.

These folks make a gorgeous, modular, solid-wood frame for original-edition Settlers that’s a pleasure to use, and it keeps everything in place. Once assembled, the tiles are locked into place so that even the clumsiest member of your group can’t dislodge them. As if that wasn’t enough, inserts are cut into the frame to store each player’s roads, settlements, cities, walls and knights. That’s all 32 pieces, tidy and accounted for. Plus, it ships with a handy carrying bag.

For itsĀ durability, craftsmanship and overall awesomeness, Hex Borders is our tabletop accessory of the week.

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