“Carcassonne 2.0″ is coming

carcassonne 2Gather your meeple! Claim your fields! Own that road! The largest update to Carcassonne in 15 years, the so-called “Carcassonne 2.0,” has been introduced by Z-Man Games.

Without revealing a whole lot of information, Z-Man says this version of Carcassonne has been totally redesigned. The box features new cover art and the tiles have been redesigned by Anne Pätzke.

Here’s what’s really cool: the back side of the tiles feature artwork that’s compatible with the original set, so version 2.0 doubles as an expansion for existing sets. Awesome! Finally, Carcassonne 2.0 includes the river expansion and new mini-expansion called “The Abbot.” We can’t wait!

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