Fantasy Flight announces expansions for BattleLore Second Edition

Fantasy Flight Games has announced two new army pack expansions for BattleLore Second Edition. Hernfar Guardians features a five-piece Daqan army, while the Warband of Scorn is a collection of  demonic Uthuk Y’llan units.

Each set contains four new battle units and two infantry units — either the Daqan Citadel Guards or the Uthuk Blood Harvesters  — plus two army cards, an alternate deck of lore cards, new terrain tiles and scenario cards. These armies can fight on their own or combine with existing units.

Pricing information was not available as of this writing. Fantasy Flight says to expect these sets “in the first quarter of 2015.” In the meantime, you can buy BattleLore Second Edition and dice sets from Amazon now.

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