Grab Bag for Sept. 26

Happy weekend! Here’s this week’s grab bag.

Star Wars Mini Maps is a fantastic resource for gorgeous battle grid maps to be use with Star Wars miniature games, including Edge of the Empire.

The trial to decide the D&D movie rights has begun. In contention here is the question of whether Sweetpea Entertainment, which had the D&D movie license since TSR was an independent company satisfied the “use it or lose it” clause in the contract with its 2010 Syfy movie based on Book of Vile Darkness.  Dungeons & Dragons current owner (Hasbro subsidiary) Wizards of the Coast moved to suit when it looked like Sweetpea was going to make a film with Warner Bros. based on Chainmail, a precursor to D&D. Funny, I though we already had several D&D movies.

Speaking of Wizards of the Coast, the company will release its 2014 Magic: The Gathering holiday gift box on November 14. It will contain 4 boosters, 20 basic lands, six illustrated plastic dividers (with customization stickers) and an alternate art card. The box itself  can hold up to 2,000 Magic cards.

Tabletop Audio provides, free, streaming and all-around awesome ambient sounds and music that you can listen to during gaming sessions.


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