Kickstarter of the week: Nancy Drew Board Game

When my sister and I were kids, she loved the Nancy Drew books. Today I’m thrilled to see at least one member of the contemporary generation enjoying Nancy’s adventures.

The Nancy Drew Board Game is the brainchild of 16-year-old fan Quincy MacShane, who designed the game and got the licensing rights from Simon and Schuster. That’s pretty impressive, as is her game. It’s a trivia title about, you guessed it, Nancy Drew. Players move around the board and answer increasingly difficult questions about the 56 titles in Nancy’s history. Get the answer right, and you can place a bookmark on that space. Another player can come along and challenge a bookmark by answering a different question. Once a book has been bookmarked at the top level, it’s removed from the board an placed in the “permanent collection.”

The Nancy Drew Board Game will have limited appeal of course — only hardcore Drew fans need apply — but I really want to reward Quincy’s hard work. Great job, Quincy. Your game is our Kickstarter of the Week.

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