Krosmaster Junior promo and other news

Here’s your gaming news for the day.

Arthur Bine- Japanime Games has released a new promo character for those who pre-order the forthcoming Krosmaster Arena Junior. Arthur Bine (right) produces is own energy and has 10 HP. He also “puts out a lot of toxic gas,” which the kids should find hilarious.

– The Cardboard Cafe is a new gaming cafe that has opened in London, Ontario. It looks great. Just don’t get any poutine on your game pieces.

– Website Clever Move has listed what it considers the 11 best cards in Magic: The Gathering’s most recent set, Khans of Tarkir. I’m glad Ankle Shanker made the list. I love Goblins.

– BoingBoing has published a list of the “best ever cooperative board games.” Pandemic, Forbidden Island and Castle Panic definitely deserve to be there, though I’d swap Forbidden Island for Forbidden Desert.

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