Preview of the 2014 release of San Juan

The Gaming Doctor at Opinionated Gamers recently got a copy of the 2014 release of San Juan, and shared a few photos and thoughts. The components have been updated, the box is a bit bigger and there are bonus buildings.

As you can see above, the cards have been redesigned, front and back. In fact, nearly everything has been given a new look, save the pencil. Yes, you still get the same boring pencil. Bummer, dude.

The new building is a Hut, which reads, “The owner draws 1 gold if no goods were sold.” Interesting. The Gaming Doctor played a round with the Hut. He called it a good card, “but not a game-breaker.”

Go on over to Opinionated Gamers to read the full overview. It looks like a nice update to one of my favorite games.

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