A look at the Magic: The Gathering board game

Board Game Geek has a hands-0n look at the forthcoming Magic: The Gathering Strategy Board Game from Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro. It’s creating a lot of buzz, and not just because of its ridiculously long name. Board Game Geek got a look at the components and a brief feel for how the game will be played. Note that it was an unfinished version of game being shown off at Essen, so what you see here might change before you attack your own copy like an acquisitive eight-year-old on Christmas morning.

From what I can tell, you play one of five Plainswalkers who commands an army across the field. The game will ship with several missions to be completed by 1-5 players, many of which have you trying to defeat your opponent’s Plainswalkers. The spell cards are similar to but not identical to those found in the Magic card game, and oversized cards let you command an entire army.

Are you excited to play this? I find the monochromatic pieces a little disappointing (the Plainswalkers are painted). I’ll give it a try though. Hopefully the Magic: The Gathering Strategy Board Game will be available sometime in 2015.

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