Sushi Go! is a fast, family card game

I’m proud to say that I absolutely love this cute little card game. Sushi Go! from Gamewright is fast, fun and accessible to the whole family. You play as a hungry patron in a sushi restaurant, grabbing the various offerings as they pass by. The best combination of dishes scores the most points and wins the game. I want to chow down on some Toro and Uni just thinking about it. Here’s our look at Sushi Go! from Gamewright.

Sushi Go!

  • Published: Gamewright
  • Designer: Phil Walker-Harding
  • Artist: Tobias Schweiger and Phil Walker-Harding
  • Players: 2-5 (best with three, four or five)
  • Ages: 8+
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Game type: Card drafting

Game overview

Come for the super-cute sushi illustrations, stay for the super-cute sushi illustrations. But seriously, this has got to be the simplest drafting game out there, and one of the most approachable “gateway games” I know. I can teach it in just a few minutes, and it’s fun and entertaining. Scoring is simple and yes, the cards are very cute. There’s a new four-card booster pack coming out soon, so watch for that as well.

Sushi Go!


Sushi Go! ships with 108 cards, the rules of play and some promotional materials from Gamewright. Instead of a box it’s stored in a small tin, which I’m not thrilled about. I find tins hard to store because they don’t stack well. Still, it’s small enough that you can tuck it into a corner or a drawer without it being too disruptive. The cards themselves are smaller than standard playing cards and have an average feel. There’s no special finish or paper here. The illustrations, as I said, are very nice. The deck breaks down like this:

  • 14x Tempura
  • 14x Sashimi
  • 14x Dumpling
  • 12x 2 Maki rolls
  • 8x 3 Maki rolls
  • 6x 1 Maki roll
  • 10x Salmon Nigiri
  • 5x Squid Nigiri
  • 5x Egg Nigiri
  • 10x Pudding
  • 6x Wasabi
  • 4x Chopsticks

Game play

To get started, deal the cards. The number of cards dealt depends on the number of players. Once that’s done, the first of three rounds begins. Each player selects a card from their hand and places it face down on the table in front of them. Once everyone has made a selection in this way, the face-down cards are revealed and the now smaller hands are passed to the person sitting to each player’s left. The process then continues, with each person drawing one card from the hand they were given, placing it on the table and then revealing it. Once three rounds are complete, the game ends and scoring takes place. See, what did I tell you? Easy!

Sushi Go!


  • The winner is the player with the most points at the end of three rounds. Scoring sushi? Yes! Each dish has its own scoring mechanic:
  • Maki roll cards feature a varying amount of rolls. These are tallied and the player with the most receives six points.
  • A set of two tempura cards is worth five points. One tempura card is worth bupkis.
  • A set of three sashimi cards will earn you 10 points. Less than three is worth zero.
  • Dumplings are scored on a scale. If you have one dumpling card, you get one point. A set of two cards gets you three points. A set of three earns six points, four gets ten and five or more score 15 points. You really like dumplings.
  • A squid nigiri scores 3 points, salmon nigiri scores two points and egg nigiri scores one point.

There are two special cards in the deck as well. The Wasabi cards increase the score of nigiri (because they’ve been dipped in delicious wasabi!). Finally, the Chopsticks let you choose two cards instead of one.

The Sushi Go! experience

This game is super fun. You understand how it works in minutes and pulling a Wasabi when you need it is very satisfying! There’s really no “take that” mechanic, so you needn’t worry about crushing younger players. I love drafting and like I said, this is the simplest drafting game I know of. Pick it up for your family or gaming group and have a good time.

Sushi Go!


  • Simple to learn
  • Very cute components
  • Gateway game


  • Tin storage box

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One comment on “Sushi Go! is a fast, family card game

  1. bobbie Nov 26, 2014

    so much fun and easy to play. We played for the first time tonight at our game group and yes I will add to my list of games to get!

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