Kickstarter of the week: Gaming Paper Erasable

I’ve been a fan of Gaming Paper for a long time and it’s what I always recommend. Oh, you need to draw the fallen goddess’s ruined temple? Gaming Paper is your answer. The only issue has been that it’s not erasable. Until now there have been two solutions, neither of them ideal: try to keep your maps in good shape for reuse, or lay a big piece of plastic over your paper to use as a dry erase surface. Yuck to both.

Now, Gaming Paper has produced an erasable roll of 30-inch by 12-foot grid paper, which it’s calling Gaming Paper Erasable. It’s got a thin wax coating and works dry erase makers. The company is even throwing in one of its preferred brand of markers to Kickstarter backers.

Erasable gaming paper is economical and fun. I trust Gaming Paper and so should you. For adding convenience to an already great product, Gaming Paper Erasable is our Kickstarter of the week.

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