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Matt and Dave are back with more games your should buy or play during the holiday. In part two (part one is here), we list two classic games and contemporary alternatives, plus Dave and Matt have four more games to consider when sitting down with friends.

Classics and contemporaries

  1. Dave lists Monopoly as a classic game, and Matt suggests Ticket to Ride as a contemporary alternative. Also, Matt gives Dave a hard time for disparaging the thimble piece.
  2. Dave lists Sorry as a classic game, and Matt suggests I’m The Boss! as a contemporary alternative, with an honorable mention going to Diplomacy.

Games to play or buy this holiday

  1. Legend of Drizzt, with a caveat: WizKids have announced that it’ll be publishing future D&D board games. If having the latest and greatest is important to you, maybe hold off on that purchase (though we have no idea what WizKids’ release schedule is). Otherwise, buy Drizzt. It’s a fine game that you’ll enjoy for a long time.
  2. Morphology. This great little family game divides players into two teams. One person in each team must get her teammates to say a secret word by using the included pieces to make something that will tip them off. It’s hilarious and fun.
  3. The Adventurers. Both Pyramid of Horus and Temple of Chac are great, though Horus is a little easier to understand.

A question from Twitter

We got a question from Matt Smith on Twitter: “Any recommendations for fantasy card games with appropriate themes for 7-9 yr olds?” Why yes, we do have some.

  1. Fluxx, the card game that’s as simple as “draw a card, play a card.” There are several iterations available, including at least one with a fantasy theme.
  2. Munchkin. Talk about “several iterations.” Basic Munchkin has a fantasy theme and is fun. Just note there’s a “take that” component that some young ones might not like (unless they’re on the giving end, not the receiving).
  3. Finally, it’s not fantasy, but Sushi Go! is excellent for this age group. Here’s our full review.

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Magic has reputation of being a very expensive game. It definitely can be. However, you needn’t offload a mountain of money to have fun playing. This week, Aaron and Dave look at inexpensive ways to play Magic. One of Dave’s favorite decks cost him all of $17!

  1. Pauper format
  2. Peasant format
  3. Cube format
  4. Mark Rosewater’s podcast, Drive to Work

*Note, in the episode, Dave says that he’s got a pauper deck that he loves. Actually, it’s a peasant deck. Dave is an idiot. Here’s the deck list:

  • Raging Goblin x3
  • Incinerate x4
  • Death Spark x4
  • Mogg Flunkies x4
  • Lightning Bolt x4
  • Goblin Grenade x4
  • Mogg Fanatic x4
  • Mogg Raider x4
  • Goblin Patrol x2
  • Fire Whip x4
  • Goblin Cadets x1
  • Mountains x22
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