Kickstarter of the week: GingerDead House

As soon as I saw GingerDead House from We Make Games on Kickstater, I knew I wanted to play it. It’s a card-based combat game with such amusing theming…who doesn’t want to attack someone with a gingerbread man? Or an army of gummies?

GingerDead House is a tower defense board game. The premise is that monsters are arriving to sack your gingerbread house, and you’ve got to defend it. You do so by strategically placing cards on a board while  your opponent does the same. Plus, you could draw a gumdrop Gatling Gun. OK, I’m in.

I asked the folks at We Make Games how they came up with this whacky Grimm’s Fairytales-type theme:

“We thought it was a great setting for this sort of game. There is a great deal of depth in the stories available, as well as a lot of unexplored space for us to create some additional things like the gummy bear army. It is something people know, but hasn’t been done to death, and has a lot of room for imagination!”

While watching the play through  video, I suspected that GingerDead House is a game that my kids would love, but what about hardcore gamers? I haven’t played it, of course, so I don’t know if that group would dismiss it as a “filler,” or consider it a compelling title. I asked about this, and here’s what the developers had to say:

“This honestly appeals to both. We have had complete novices sit down and LOVE the game, and seasoned MTG veterans love the level of strategy that is available to you once you learn the cards and what they can do. We’ve had kids as young as 8 play, and we even had a 87-year-old play the game at one of our cons. You don’t really have to be in a specific demographic to enjoy the game.”

That’s pretty cool for a game with several cool aspects. But what’s the most fun part?

Being a tower defense game, it is a style of game that you would normally only get to play digitally. The style of game, mixed with the insane amount of interaction between players, keeps it interesting and fresh for multiple playthroughs. As creators, we’ve easily played the game over 500 times, and there are still games where we are like, ‘Wow, we’ve never done that before!'”

I think it looks like a lot of fun. For being a clever and well-themed take on tower defense, GingerDead House is our Kickstarter of the week.

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