Fantasy Flight introduces Star Wars X-Wing expansion

Fantasy Flight has announced a third faction to its fantastic Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures game, and it introduces a little revisionist history to Star Wars canon. What if, the set asks, it wasn’t Boba Fett who found the Falcon and delivered it to Darth Vader? The galaxy is full of bounty hunters looking for a paycheck, and that’s exactly the group that the “Scum and Villainy” faction introduces.

The set offers four expansion packs:

  1. Most Wanted Expansion Pack
  2. StarViper Expansion Pack
  3. M3-A Interceptor Expansion Pack
  4. IG-2000 Expansion Pack

The new pilots can pull off new formations and the set introduces a new upgrade as well, the “illicit upgrade.” You’ll remember that Han made “a few special modifications” to the Falcon. These guys take that even further and let you add “illegal” technology to your ships.

You’ll find all the details at Fantasy Flight’s website. This is a game I’ve got to get to the table more often. The minis are absolutely gorgeous and the gameplay is a lot deeper than it first appears. If you’re going to check it out, a good star field play mat adds a lot to the experience.

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