Wizards announces new Duel Decks

Magic dual decksOh I love Magic: The Gathering dual decks. They’re often a good deal, if cost vs. card value is your thing, and a lot of fun to play. The two decks are designed to play against each other, and offer new players an easy way to jump right into a game.

Wizards announced the latest set, Elspeth vs. Kiora, earlier this week. It was designed and developed by Chris Millar and Sam Stoddard, and it looks pretty good. Here’s how Wizards describes the set:

The knight Planeswalker Elspeth Tirel sees herself as the protector of the Multiverse. She has pledged her sword and shield to all who suffer, and she summons forth impressive armies to assist her. The merfolk Planeswalker Kiora calls upon the creatures of the deepest oceans to fight at her side. She is the master of the world beneath the waves, her true power only now beginning to surface.”

I bring two sets of dual decks with me to game nights, just in case. I like Elspeth quite a bit, but I haven’t played with menfolk at all. Now is my chance!  Elspeth vs. Kiora will launch on February 27, 2015 in English and Japanese, and cost $19.99.


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