Accessory of the week: Mini Dice Tower Kit

My kids’ favorite game isn’t Forbidden Desert, Survive or even Tiddlywinks. No, their preferred title is called “Roll The Dice Off The Table And Drive Dad Crazy.” It’s a cooperative game in which two or more siblings secretly conspire to make their dad insane, by “accidentally” rolling the dice onto the floor. Over. And over. Maybe you’ve played it.

Enter the Mini Dice Tower Kit from Broken Token.

This inexpensive kit ($9.99) has a cute castle theme and snaps together with no glue required. When you’re done playing, you can fold it up for easy travel, or even take it apart again. Best of all, it satisfies my win condition whenever the kids want to play Roll The Dice Off The Table And Drive Dad Crazy. And that, dear friends, is why the Mini Dice Tower Kit is our accessory of the week.

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