Homemade Castlevania game is fantastic

Reddit user XsimonbelmontX has created a tabletop version of Castlevania, and it’s amazing. The homage to Konami’s classic for Nintendo’s NES is a co-op and features 11 unique characters, 1oo special items and 100 monster cards. Characters have upgradeable weapons, so they’ll improve as you play.  All of the components are off-the-shelf game pieces, save the board which was pro made.

In XsimonbelmontX’s scenario, Dracula is dead and the players are slowly dying themselves, having been cursed. Your mission is to fight through the various levels, defeat bosses and collect the five pieces of Dracula’s dismembered body before the “curse counter” runs out. The group must reassemble Dracula so the can break the curse and then kill him again. “The players win when Dracula is killed and cannot resurrect,” XsimonbelmontX says, “and lose if the curse counter reaches the end, or when everyone is killed.”

You can see a gallery of all the components here.

[Via Engadget]

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