Chris Perkins discusses D&D’s future at Gamehole Con

“America’s DM,*” Chris Perkins, had a lot to say about Dungeons and Dragons at Gamehole Con last week. EN World reports that Chris discussed many aspects of his company’s flagship product, including the possible return of an Open Gaming License (OGL).

In short, an OGL is a public copyright license that lets tabletop role-playing game developers publish support materials for a game. Third edition of D&D had a OGL, as does the current iteration of Pathfinder. Perkins suggested that D&D 5th edition could also offer the licensing:

“It is our intention to bring back the OGL. We just don’t know when we are going to do it yet.”

Fun! Speaking of, Perkins also mentioned that a big part of his role in 5th edition was to put the fun back into D&D:

“A great deal of my time and effort was spent to inject the fun that had been sucked out of D&D. We want you to go hunting for buried treasure [in the books]. There’s lots of stuff you aren’t meant to catch the first time through the books. In the [Dungeon Master’s Guide]┬áthere is an item called the alchemy jug. It’s dumb. We got a little wacky with its new contents. Mayonnaise is now in D&D.”

Check out EN World for more of Chris’ comments, plus a great photo of the new DM screen.

*That’s what I call him because come on. He’s the best.

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