Kickstarter of the week: World of Yo-Ho

This week’s Kickstarter feature, World of Yo-Ho, is interesting in that it uses the players’ iPhones as the pawns. The developers at IELLO¬†are working to merge video games and board games, and this pirate-themed experience is their latest project.

It’s an exploration game that has you traversing the seas in search of treasure, adventure and more. What’s really compelling is that, after you’ve selected a ship and a caption via the free companion app for¬†iPhone, you place the phone itself of the board. Its camera notes where are it is on the board, and shows a gorgeous animation of that very section of the board, your ship, items and more. There are sound effects and really all components (other than the board) are managed on the iPhone. It really is a compelling way to play a board game.

There are several missions to choose from and four play modes. And really, look at how cool combat is across iPhones.

For incorporating digital devices in a way that does not detract from the board game experience, World of Yo-Ho is our Kickstarter of the Week.

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