Fantasy Flight merges with Asmodee

Well, this was quite a surprise this morning. Fantasy Flight Games has announced its merger with The Asmodee Group. Specifically, Fantasy Flight will become a branch of Asmodee. Details of the deal have not been made public.

On paper it seems like a win-win scenario. Fantasy Flight will benefit from Asmodee’s European distribution, while Asmodee gains a very nice collection of games and more than 20 years experience in the business. The pair emphasized that FFG games will continue to be developed by their team and sold under its logo.

What does this mean for customers? As Clever Move points out, lots more Star Wars games:

“Fantasy Flight has made a lot of money in recent years by publishing high-quality games based on high-profile intellectual property — particularly Star Wars…Fantasy Flight’s catalogue tends toward heavy games meant for older or more sophisticated players. That’s not true of Asmodee, who publishes such light and quick games as Timeline.”

Combine that with Asmodee’s distribution power in Europe and I think Clever Move is right. Light, quick Star Wars games? Yes, please.


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