Kickstarter of the week: Outrider

Outrider is tabletop game that turns your kitchen table into a post-apocalyptic war zone.”

OK, you’ve got my attention.

This cool vehicular combat game is set in a  post-apocalyptic world. Movement is tactical with a program mechanic. That is, players simultaneously plot how their vehicles will move, and then they all go for it. It’s a mechanic that I like a lot, as it’s fun to cross your fingers and hope you got it right. There’s also a press-your-luck aspect that keeps the tension up.

What I really like is how scalable Outrider is. You can play a quick “last car standing” game with a friend, or go all out and use the included terrain tiles along with your own model cars, etc. to create a full-on, full-table experience.

I think this looks great and I’d love to give it a try. Congratulations, Outrider. You’re our Kickstarter of the week.

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