This week Matt and Dave list several games that you should consider buying and playing with family and friends this holiday season. Plus ,Dave suggests some classic board games that the family might enjoy, and Matt schools him on contemporary alternatives.

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Clue is a classic game Dave enjoys, and Matt suggests Clue FX.

Scrabble is a classic favorite, and Matt suggests Quirkle. Also, “Wall Scrabble” is very cool.

Dave’s contemporary suggestions 

Matt’s contemporary suggestions

There have been many expansions for Survive, including the Giant Mini Squid and Dolphins and Dive Dice. Meanwhile, Dave is hung up on Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe and Cards As Weapons has the best cover art ever.


This week, Aaron and Dave share everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Plainswalkers. From your role as a Plainswalker player, to “the spark,” the origin of Plainswalker cards and how their use has evolved. If you’ve ever had a question about Plainswalkers in Magic: The Gathering, Aaron and Dave answer it in this episode.

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Being the GM (or DM or whatever your favorite RPG calls it) is a lot of work. There’s story prep, materials to make and worlds to build. Plus, you must consider how best to torment entertain your players. It’s easy to run thin on ideas. That’s why I love this Pinterest board, full of maps, character profiles, photographs, objects and more, all designed to kickstart your imagination. Read more.

galaxy trucker

Someone went through the trouble of making an enormous version of Galaxy Trucker. You’ve got to see the full gallery to believe it. Read more.

dragon attack wing

WizKidz have published a preview of the forthcoming tactical air combat game D&D Attack Wing, which uses the FlightPath maneuver system (under license from Fantasy Flight). Those who’ve played Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures will find it quite familiar. Except it’s dragons that are flying around. You get to be a flying, fighting dragon. No more needs to be said. Read more.