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Dave is joined by guest Scott McNulty of the Random Trek podcast to discuss some of the fictional games that appear in Star Trek. From the original series to Voyager, we’ve got you covered.

Honorary mention goes to Anbo-jyutsu, the space martial art that was invented just so Will Riker could beat up his dad with a Q-Tip.

The Original Series

1. Fizzbin. Captain Kirk invents this fully weaponized card game on the spot.

2. Three-dimensional chess. The classic Star Trek game, and a favorite of Mr. Spock.

Deep Space Nine

1. Dabo. Yeah, you can’t trust those Ferengi and their crazy space roulette wheels.

2. Tongo. The Dabo wheel not complex enough for you? Toss in some cards for added “fun.”

The Next Generation

1. Dom-jot. “Play Dom-jot, hu-man!” Space billiards is just the ticket for anyone who wants to get stabbed in the chest.

2. Strategema. A tw0-player game in which players wear sensors on their fingers which they must manipulate to make a display turn a solid color.


1. Kadis-kot. This colorful board game for two or more players was a favorite of Seven of Nine.

2. Kal-Toh. A Vulcan game of great complexity.

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