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The conversation starts with the guys’ recent experience at their respective game stores, and Dave plans to adjust his Standard deck a bit. Then the discuss why any parent ought to be thrilled that their kid were playing Magic. Dave has been playing with his son, and Aaron looks forward to introducing his girls to the game in a few years.

Dave’s deck adjustment

After playing his Abzan Reanimator Standard deck a bit, Dave is going to move his two Reclamation Sages to the sideboard, and replace them with a pair of Banishing Lights. The thought being that the Sage is best against a deck that’s heavy on enchantments and artifacts, while Banishing Light can give his deck a bit of time to kick off.

Kids and Magic

The guys talk about Magic and kids. There’s math, planning and thoughtful turn-taking. A great video from Tolarian Community College about this very topic got their attention, and Dave and Aaron liked it quite a bit.

Other details


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