Board games have conquered cafes

Every movement eventually spawns a counter movement. Think of disco and punk rock, or modern design and post-modern. Today, our increasingly digital lives has begun to prompt people to seek out face-to-face interaction, which some clever cafe owners are cashing in on. And, they’re using board games to make it happen.

Writing for The Atlantic, Hana Schank points to two “game cafes” that are doing a good business. Snakes & Lattes in Toronto has recently opened up a second location with a liquor license. Meanwhile, NYC’s The Brooklyn Strategist is so busy, it’s owner is converting the outdoor property into useable game space.

OK fine, stats from two stores don’t represent the heath of an entire industry. Well consider this: sales at hobby stores have risen for the fifth consecutive year, growing 20% just last year alone. Jon Freeman, the owner of The Brooklyn Strategist, believes that people are increasingly looking for a way to connect in person, especially after staring at a computer screen all day:

“Adults who spend all day sitting in front of a computer want to spend time with people. It’s really about people having like-minded, shared experiences. We’d lost access to that, and places like board-game cafes have opened up access.”

I can relate to that. Hana’s article is a good one, and I recommend reading it. When you’re done, turn off the computer and go out and play!

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