Scorebook for iPhone tracks your win/loss record

I, like many of you, play a lot of games. Typically it’s with the same group of friends. There are certain games that we play over and over, and it’s fun to keep track of who wins, how often and so on. I could make tally marks in a notebook, but instead I use Scorebook for iPhone ($2.99) by Jared Sorge. This handy app lets you track win/loss records across games, add photos, notes and more. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and find it quite enjoyable. Best of all, I’ve got several giveaway codes for you, our readers! Read on to learn more about Scorebook and maybe grab a copy for yourself.


Scorebook is clean and legible. It’s right at home with the “flat” aesthetic that Apple introduced with iOS 8, so it’s comfortable on the iPhone. The images are nice and big, which I like, as are buttons and other tap targets. There’s nothing you don’t need here, so it’s really pleasant to look at and use. Speaking of…


There are two major tasks in Scorebook: Adding games and recording results. Adding a game is super easy. When you first launch the app, you’ll see a “+” in the upper right-hand corner. Tap it to get to the New Game screen. From there, you’ll add a tile, an optional photo (the app looks very nice with photos, so I recommend adding them) and finally select how scoring will be handled. Your options are:

  • Tally number of wins
  • Note the high score
  • Note the low score
  • Track total victory points

I like this a lot, as it shows that developer Jared understands that simply recording “won” or “lost” wound be inadequate.

Once that’s done, hit Save and you’re ready to play. Hit the “+” again, tap the game you’re about to play and add players. Again, you’ll hit a nice, big button and enter each player’s first and last name, plus photo. If a player happens to be among your contacts, just hit Import from Contacts. Previously entered players are always available, which is perfect for my situation, where I’ve got a steady gaming group. After that, let the games begin and praise the glorious victor!

Additional options let you add your custom notes or note the location of a given play session. I have to admit, it’s fun to scroll through and remember back to previous play-throughs.


Scorebook is well done and fun. It looks great, especially as you begin adding photos. My only request is for a back up option. I’d hate to lose the data I’ve carefully collected. Still, Scorebook gets the official Board Games Weekly seal of approval. Now for the giveaway!

Below you’ll find seven promo codes that you can redeem in the App Store for a free copy of Scorebook for iPhone. They’re first come, first served, so when they’re gone, they’re gone. Have fun and happy gaming!


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