What board games can teach your kids

Clever Move has posted a list of six things that kids can learn from playing board games. It’s a great list and demonstrates why I’m always thrilled to play games with my kids and their friends. Here are a few examples of the benefits that Clever Move points out:

  • Math. As Aaron and I noted in a recent episode of the podcast, Magic: The Gathering is a very math-friendly game. My nine-year-old enjoys it quite a bit, and I like that it reinforces math facts like addition and subtraction.
  • Valuation. It’s important to know what a thing is worth, and games like Settlers of Catan drives that concept home.
  • Planning. Move past Chutes And Ladders and consider kids games that require them to think a move or two ahead. Labyrinth is a great example.

Clever Move offers three more benefits, and I’ll let you head over there to read them. In the meantime, I’ll add one of my own: how to be a gracious winner/loser. No one wants to play with an obnoxious winner or a sore loser, and kids figure that out fast. Plus, life offers plenty of opportunities to be on the losing end of things and board games provideĀ a safe way to begin to prepare for those more serious days.

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