Game of Phones requires your iPhone

For many, the battle to get people to put their phones away and concentrate on the game is a losing one. Or maybe you’re the person who “just has to check” real quick between turns. What if there was a game that required you to fiddle with your phone? There is, and it’s called Game of Phones.

In order to win Game of Phones, you must have a smart phone that’s jam-packed with music, photos, social media apps and more. It’s a scavenger hunt of sorts and everything that must be found lives on your phone. For instance, you may pull “Play the first song that comes up on shuffle” or “Go to photos, close your eyes, scroll and pick one at random” from the 100-card deck. The fun comes in the embarrassing revelations that happen when you pull up that photo or song.

Game of Phones is available from Photojojo for $20.



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