Board games that will make you a better person

Do you know what’s not on this list? I’m The Boss. That game makes you friendless.

Writing for The Guardian, Will Freeman has compiled a list of 12 board games that can make you a better person, and I’ve got to say, his reasoning is solid. Specifically, he addresses for areas of personal development:

  1. Writing and creativity
  2. Teamwork
  3. Arithmetic
  4. History

To improve writing and story telling, Freeman suggests Once Upon A Time, which I absolutely love. It’s a card game that has players making up a story on the fly. Each player has cards that further the story, interrupt the story or eventually bring it to an end. But really, the whole fun is in stringing a story together with your friends. Freeman also recommends Dixit and good old Story Cubes.

As for teamwork, suggestions include the ever popular cooperative game Pandemic, as well as Space Cadets and one of my favorites, Forbidden Island (though I suggest Forbidden Dessert is the better game, which we discuss at length in episode 009 of the podcast).

I’ll let you read the whole article to see all of Freeman’s suggestions. I’ll add one of my own as well. To foster writing and creativity, try Fiasco from Billy Puplit Games.  It’s a GM-less RPG that’s all story-based, and literally improvised on the spot by the players. I’ve had a lot of fun playing Fiasco, and it absolutely fosters creativity.

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