Nebraska coffee shop houses 1,200 games for customers to play

NPR recently did a story on the apty-named Speilbound, an Omaha, Nebraska coffee house that has what it claims to be the largest collection of board games for its customers to enjoy. At 1,200 titles, I’m not sure that’s true, but I haven’t done the research so who am I to argue?

The story briefly profiles the Short family, who often leave their own library of 200 games to play at Speilbound. “It’s just fun to play as a family whenever we get down here,” said Isabelle, 14. I agree, Isabelle. At the time of the interview, the gang was playing a round of Takenoko, which is a game that I really love.

Spellbound’s owner, Kaleb Michaud, is optimistic about his store’s future, and with good reason. NPR reports that the board game industry has been growing by 15 to 20 percent a year for a while now, and that board games brought in $700 million last year; and that’s not counting “…the Monopolies and Scrabbles” of the world.


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