Accessory of the week: Drinklip

A few months ago I was at my friend’s house for game night. We were having a great time until I decided to flail my arms wildly and spill beer all over myself. Fortunately, the game pieces were spared but I smelled like a brewery. If only I had been using a Drinklip.

These awesome things securely grip the edge of nearly any table or desk and can accommodate most typical glasses, bottles and cans. I have one on my desk at home, and find it to be right at home at the gaming table, too. Not only does it help prevent spilling on your precious components, it saves room. Imagine five people all with their drinks on the table. Things get crowded fast.

For being convenient, inexpensive and for helping to protect my game pieces, the Drinklip is our accessory of the week. I can’t find any pricing on the Drinklip site, but they’re available at Amazon for about six bucks.

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2 comments on “Accessory of the week: Drinklip

  1. What the heck does it cost?! I can’t evan find a price on their website!

    • Sorry Andy, I should have noted! Odd that there’s no price on the site. I’ve seen them for about six or seven dollars at Amazon.

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