Video: Magic Mondays for Jan 5, 2015

This post has two purposes. First, to introduce the new Board Games Weekly YouTube channel, and second, to introduce Magic Mondays.

Here’s how this works. Every Monday, Intern William and I will spin the wheel of booster packs and open the deck that it chooses, letting you look inside. At the end of the month, I’ll take the cards from all packs opened this way and attempt to assemble a playable, 30-card deck. Note that the wheel will always contain a variety of packs, including one mystery pack that will only be revealed if and when the wheel chooses it.┬áThis week’s selections were:

  1. Khans of Tarkir
  2. 2012 Core Set
  3. 2014 Core Set
  4. Dark Ascension
  5. Journey into Nyx
  6. ?

You can watch the inaugural video below. As a side note, I’m very much a student of shooting video, so roll for patience. Crit success!

Now, here are the cards that were in that booster:


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