Mojang’s Scrolls needs work

Last week I installed Scrolls, the latest from Mojang, on my Mac. It’s a deck building card game, similar to Blizzard’s Hearthstone or Magic Online. I realize that it’s still early in its development, but for now, neither Blizzard or Wizards of the Coast have anything to worry about.

scrollsThe good is that much of the design is very pleasant. The cards look great, as does the battlefield. Card art is gorgeous and fun to examine. Presentation is something that Blizzard excels at and Wizards really struggles with (Magic Online is U.G.L.Y.). Mahjong is somewhere in between. The screen used for building a deck gets messy fast. But the real problem is in gameplay.

Look at the image to the right. Cards in play are represented by characters on the battlefield. That’s fun. What’s not fun is how each character’s stats are presented. As ¬†you can see, it’s a jumbled mess. As the field gets more crowded, it gets very difficult to tell whose numbers are whose. And the image here depicts a relatively sparse field, with only seven characters represented.

For now, it’s unplayable. That’s a shame, as I love deck-builders. I hope this gets cleaned up soon, because for now, I can’t play or recommend Scrolls.

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