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It’s family games part three! Join Matt and Dave in another discussion of fantastic games to buy for or play with your family this holiday season. We’ve got classic games (and contemporary alternatives) plus modern titles you’re sure to love. Enjoy!

 Classic games and modern alternatives

Meanwhile, the guys are both eager to get their hands on the special edition of Tokaido.

Contemporary suggestions:

Matt suggests Castle Panic Wizard’s Tower, a nice expansion to the family-friendly Castle Panic.

Dave lists two games for the youngest gamers on your list, including Gubs and Feed the Kitty.

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It’s Friday, so it’s time for a little Magic: The Gathering. Aaron and Dave discuss the trails and tribulations of drafting Kahnks, as well as…

How Hearthstone is succeeding where Magic: The Gathering Online failed, an interesting article from The Verge. TL;DL*: well-established incumbent vs. young and perky new guy.

A handy strategy for drafting Khans of Tarkir. TL;DL: Ferocious.

Decked Builder is an app for iOS, Mac, Android and Windows that we both like. TL;DL: It’s useful but ugly.

Cards mentioned this week:

*Too Long, Didn’t Listen.