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Hello gamers and friends! In episode two of the Monday show, Dave and Matt reviewed Dead of Winter from Plaid Hat Games (spoiler: OMG they loved it) and more.

Featured game review – Dead of Winter

dead of winter

Despite having played this game only twice each, Matt and Dave both highly recommend Dead of Winter. It’s got so much of what we love, including zombie killing, thorough theming, role-playing aspects and great-looking components. Dave likes that there’s almost always something to do, even when it’s not your turn.

  • Zombicie is less story, more zombie killing.
  • Krosmaster Arena features gorgeous pieces that are difficult to assemble. In fact, neither Dave nor Matt will put their copies back into the box.


Matt: A must-buy

Dave: A must-buy

What are we playing?

DaveApocalypse World (plays 3-5. Mature audiences only, as characters may have sex/flirt).  This role-playing game is like a cross between Fiasco and…an nightmare. You can read about Dave’s experience with character creation in this edition of RPG Diaries. He’s eager to start playing for real.

MattSherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective. You must beat Holmes to solve the case. Interesting components make this game a lot of fun, and it’s possible to be led on a wild goose chase. It plays 1-8 players, age 13 and up. Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective won the 2012 As D’Or.

Matt’s also playing Quilt Show (plays 2-4 ages 10 and up) which has you assembling quilt tiles to construct a quilt that you then try to sell at a show. Both Matt and Dave are stunned at how much money can be made from selling real quilts.

If you like…


This is the segment that introduces you to new games. This week our feature review was Dead of Winter. If you like that game (or zombie games in general), you’ll probably like…

  • Akram Horror. Lovecraftian terror for 1-8 players. If elder gods are your thing, tuck in. For 1-8 players aged 14 and up.
  • Eldritch Horror. As Matt says, you can’t mention one without the other. It’s not an expansion, but rather a companion game with a few gameplay twists of its own. For 1-8 players aged 14 and up.
  • Last Night On Earth. A fast-paced shoot-em-up. Shoot for the head! For 2-6 players aged 12 and up.
  • Mice and Mystics. Curses! You’re bold warriors who’ve been turned into mice! This game plays a lot like D&D and is a lot of fun. Good story and good combat. Just watch out for the cat. She’s nasty. For 1-4 players ages 7 and up.
  • Zombicide. Tired of all that pesky “story” and just want to bash some undead heads. Enjoy. For 1-6 players aged 16 and up.

Finally, Dave played the video game action to discuss Galaxy Trucker for iPad. It’s a beautiful digital interpretation of Vlaaďa Chvátil‘s board game of the same title. An excellent tutorial and multiple play options, including two multi-player variations, make it a winner.