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Magic has reputation of being a very expensive game. It definitely can be. However, you needn’t offload a mountain of money to have fun playing. This week, Aaron and Dave look at inexpensive ways to play Magic. One of Dave’s favorite decks cost him all of $17!

  1. Pauper format
  2. Peasant format
  3. Cube format
  4. Mark Rosewater’s podcast, Drive to Work

*Note, in the episode, Dave says that he’s got a pauper deck that he loves. Actually, it’s a peasant deck. Dave is an idiot. Here’s the deck list:

  • Raging Goblin x3
  • Incinerate x4
  • Death Spark x4
  • Mogg Flunkies x4
  • Lightning Bolt x4
  • Goblin Grenade x4
  • Mogg Fanatic x4
  • Mogg Raider x4
  • Goblin Patrol x2
  • Fire Whip x4
  • Goblin Cadets x1
  • Mountains x22