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Dave Caolo, Editor-In-Chief


daveDave Caolo is Board Game Weekly’s editor-in-chief, and responsible for its content and the podcast. Dave has been writing online since 2000 and is the author of several books. He has been interviewed for television and print several times, and began podcasting professionally in 2012.

Dave’s career as a gamer began with the red box, way back when he was in 7th grade. Since then he’s spent countless hours playing, buying and debating the rules with family and friends.

When he’s not working, Dave can be found spending time with his kids, his dog, riding his bike and, of course, playing games.

Erin Doland, Contributor

Erin DolandErin Rooney Doland (Rooney on the podcast) is a regular contributor to BoardGamesWeekly. She spends herdays turning words into books, newspaper and magazine articles, and website posts, and is also editor-in-chief of Sometimes she consults and lectures in her role as a professional organizer, but she does this less since her two kids joined her life. Mostly she sticks to writing, reading, gaming, running, traveling, and spending time with her friends and family.

She, her husband, and children live in a suburb outside Washington, D.C.


Matt Donle, Contributor

mattMatt Donle’s just zis guy, you know? His turn-ons include: board games, film noir, indie video games, Frank Zappa, watching team sports, classic Doctor Who and he also likes other things like stupid run-on sentences. He also enjoy naps, cartography, pixel art, the movie ‘Clue’, and beer/alcoholic beverages.

Finally, coffee drinks (see image at left).

When Matt’s not contributing to Board Games Weekly, he can be found at Wicked Fun Games.

Aaron Mahnke, Contributor

aaronI’m Aaron Mahnke. I’m a full-time graphic designer and a part-time author. I live, work and write in the Boston area with my wife and two kids. I play a red/white Heroic MTG deck, and run a Human Fighter in D&D 5e right now. You can follow me on Twitter here.

Aaron is a regular contributor to BoardGamesWeekly, and he also appears with Dave on Home Work, a podcast by and for people who work from home, over on the 5by5 Podcast Network.


Darren Moser, Contributor

TK-88800Known around the internet as Dr. Sci-Fi, when he is not donning his Stormtrooper armor for the 501st Legion, or podcasting about Star Trek: The Next Generation on Earl Grey. Darren enjoys finding the right game for the moment. Weather it’s a long run RPG campaign, an hour spanning resource management puzzle or sudden death chance of the dice. Beware of his incredible beginners luck, and yes he was the President of his High School Game Club, with pride! Strike up a conversation about sci-fi or gaming anytime on Twitter.

Favorite Game of the Moment: Castle Panic
Top of the Amazon Wish List: Star Trek: The Next Generation – Interactive VCR Board Game
Next Purchase: Qwirkle

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